Antica Trattoria
Da Sandro al Navile

Antica Trattoria
Da Sandro al Navile

…where the Bolognese tradition
meets the desire to create

Once upon a time, there was the Antica Trattoria Da Sandro al Navile

One hundred and fifty years of history and prestige

Opened in 1861, Da Sandro al Navile is one of the oldest trattorias in town and, for decades, Alessandro Rizzi and Maurizio Finelli have been building upon the best Bolognese cuisine and culinary innovation, bringing new tastes and traditions to the new millennium.

Located in an ancient village just a few minutes from the city centre and with easy access to the ring road, the restaurant has a charming hall for meetings and banquets and a pleasant summer veranda. Two large parking lots are available for guests.

L’Antica Trattoria da Sandro al Navile

Prized traditions and breathtaking creations

Our menu is conceived to value the unique traditional heritage of Bologna, yet it may also surprise you with its innovative solutions. The best-quality raw materials we use aim to celebrate our culinary roots and delights, as well as to invent the new and the unexpected… while always following the seasonality of ingredients.

Here’s what you will find
at the Antica Trattoria Da Sandro al Navile.

The highlights and strengths we are very proud of


Is about making everything we serve “at home”: from various types of daily bread to fresh pasta and unconventional desserts. One of the reasons for our fame: the tortellini we prepare, strictly by hand, as small as the tiniest of coins.


The uniqueness of the dishes you can taste exclusively with us: from the boneless rabbit in a slow-cooked reduction of original balsamic vinegar or our historical “fallen leaf”, or the steak tartare we prepare at your table, on to the famous ice-cream in balsamic vinegar only we know how to prepare. In addition to a well-supplied cellar, you will find prestigious labels of sought-after whiskeys and rums


Quality not only in the dishes and in the first-choice ingredients we use, but also in our special human touch: lavish without being snobbish, we serve customers at tables embellished with elegant decorations within an environment designed to be, first of all, homely.

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