Our history

Il ristorante da Sandro al Navile

In the 19th century, the small states of the Italian peninsula merged into one nation and combined a wealth of cultures, customs and traditions leading also to a historical culinary revolution. The Italian Kingdom was founded in 1861, the same year, on the outskirts of Bologna, the small Trattoria dei Cacciatori – the Hunters’ Inn – was inaugurated becoming a reality that evolved into the restaurant Da Sandro al Navile and never stopped growing, especially in the quality of its products and service.

Over decades of dedication, Alessandro Rizzi and Maurizio Finelli consolidated the identity of the establishment among the excellence of the Italian cuisine and ushered into the new millennium the knowledge and tastes of a tradition of quality.

Our restaurant

Tradition comes first in this restaurant that still keeps unchangend its passion for haute cuisine that made it one of the temples of Bolognese gastronomy.