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Il ristorante da Sandro al Navile

Tradition comes first in this restaurant that still keeps unchanged its passion for haute cuisine that made him one of the temples of Petronian gastronomy.
After a few decades-long collaboration with Sandro Montanari and his wife Cantarelli Silvana, who led greatly this restaurant for over half a century, the Chef Alessandro Rizzi and Host Maurizio Finelli, successor to continue the history of this restaurant. Through careful choice of quality products, here is a kitchen which can achieve with great skill Emilia-Romagna traditional food and sea food preparations.
Again, everything is made preserving tradition while keeping intact flavour richness and mainly, always changing the menu based on seasonal products.

New entry of the house is “Dall’Orto Menu” that suggests a vegetarian cuisine offering a wide variety of choices.  The first courses are strictly made with pasta made by hand, carefully pulled from the rolling pin by the ‘sfogline’, whose flagship is the delicious ‘Tortellini’ in capon broth”.  The menu includes many types of meat, including the traditional rabbit off the bone at the mill with a hot marinate in balsamic vinegar meticulously prepared by the Chef, Alessandro Rizzi.  Less rich but worthy of note is the proposal for small fish always fresh, which varies in successive seasons, however, including the continuous raw seafood.

How worthy setting for this gastronomic scene a wide assortment of sweet production that supports the demands of the most  gluttonous palate.
Try the tasty ice cream prepared with balsamic vinegar by the Host, Maurizio Finelli. To the extent, the house has a wine card of over 230 labels of all vintages of the best vineyards.

The carefully selected details is the main feature that distinguishes this restaurant: the spirit of welcoming and friendly owners and staff, who during the dinner care about the wellbeing of their customers and always try to meet their needs and put them at ease.  Another key aspect is the environment, because this is a rustic but sweet and refined place at the same time. This is the atmosphere in every corner of the restaurant, from the room devoted to Scottish Clan style, since this is also a restaurant known for its spirits, whiskey and rum, to the large room located upstairs best for a convivial evening , for a party or a dinner.

Situated in an ancient village, but very easy to reach because located just minutes from the heart of the city but at the same time close to major road arteries of communication, the Da Sandro al Navile Restaurant is a place that aims to satisfy every need. Right for this reason an evening tasting is one of  goal that the two owners have recently achieved. In the summer season it is very nice to eat in the veranda that will make the dishes even more delicious.

Weekly rest: Sunday evenings only.

The restaurant

Tradition comes first in this restaurant that still keeps unchangend its passion for haute cuisine that made it one of the temples of Bolognese gastronomy.


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