The Traditions

Hors d’oeuvres

Typical cold-cuts platter €14

Rind-on culatello ham €11

Artichoke salad with Parmesan slivers €8


First courses

Tortellini in capon broth €17

Tagliatelle Bologna €13

Traditional gramigna with local pork sausage €14

Italian Ravioli with Culatello ham and asparagus tips €16

Saffran risotto with rabbit, pumpkin flowers and smoked scamorza cheese €16


Main courses

“Foglia morta”: meat specialty of the house €17

Boneless rabbit in a reduction of original balsamic vinegar from Modena €15

Steak tartare €21

Bologna-style cutlet €15

“La parmigiana” – Aubergines baked with tomato sauce and mozzarella €12

Crispy grilled young chicken with potatoes  €14


Side dishes

Insalata mista €6

Patate al forno €6

Puré di patate €6

Verdure di stagione gratinate €6

Verdure di stagione lessate €6 



Special ice cream whipped with Modena balsamic vinegar €10

Trifle sponge-cake soaked in Alchermes liquor €8

Tiramisu – disassembled variation €8

Meringa globe with cherries and nougat mousse €8

Ogm-free lemon sorbet €6

Our restaurant

Tradition comes first in this restaurant that still keeps unchangend its passion for haute cuisine that made it one of the temples of Bolognese gastronomy.